ONE of six anti-war ACTIVISTs CAPTURED inside Shoalwater Military Base

Anti-war activist Jacob Bolton was discovered by military personnel inside the Shoalwater Military Base late on Saturday night. He was detained and taken to the Rockhampton Watchhouse to be charged and was released on bail early Sunday morning.

A spokesperson from the Martin Luther King House of Nonviolence said that “Jake is very pleased that he was able to find a physical way to challenge war and the military machine. These exercises are only a step removed from current warmaking by the US and Australia in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US and Australians have no civilian players in the exercises. These exercises are a fantasy. The activists presence counters this fantasy”

Margaret Pestorius, who was detained by US solidiers last week said: “Each activist that is found by the military is a reality check for those military personnel who run into them. War has real people: Ordinary men, women and children who want peace and who are trying to go about their daily business in the face of bombing, shooting and incarceration”.

“We were discovered by US infantrymen playing insurgents in a large role playing invasion scenario. Yet there are no civilians in this scenario.”

Jake was part of a group calling themselves the Grana 4. Grana was the sole survivor in her family of a NATO aerial bombing of her village. [see Guardian website]


Phone Margaret on 0403214422

Ciaron on 0411516434

See Jake’s statement click link MLK House 


  1. a decommisioner

    Hey! – well done I just wanted to send a message of support and solidarity from Bristol, England.

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