MEDIA RELEASE – Four Anti-War Activists Remain in Prohibitive Military Area for Over a Week


Mark Palmer inside base

Mark Palmer inside base

Contact Ciaron O’Reilly Ph. 0411 516 434









Four anti-war activists remain at large in the prohibited Shoalwater military exercise area in central Queensland.  The Shoalwater area is presently hosting the $250 million Talisman Sabre exercises involving 18,000 U.S. and 6.000 Australian troops.

The four were part of a group of seven activists who covertly entered the area a week ago.  Three of their number have since been detected and captured by the military and handed over to state police.  U.S. and Australian military have been involved in offensive war game scenarios. Some of the soldiers encountered by the activists were playing the roles of insurgents following an amphibious assault by U.S. and Australian personnel.  Today the military are involved in exercises countering civil unrest of the occupied population.

Two of the activists, Yulangi Bardon and Emily Nielsen, are pictured above on top of The Polygon spire inside the Shoalwater military area.  Jim Dowling and Culley Palmer also remain at large in the area after evading helicopter and dog searches.

The group’s support spokeperson Ciaron O’Reilly stated “Since these exercises commenced a few weeks ago 30 U.S., 18 British, an Australian soldier and uncounted Afghanis have been killed in combat in Afghanistan.  The Talisman Sabre exercises are dress rehearsals for more death and destruction, invasion and war”.



Yulangi and Emily on top of The Polygon spire inside the Shoalwater military area

Yulangi and Emily on top of The Polygon spire inside the Shoalwater military area


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  • The Af/Pak War and the USA & Australia Militaries

      While Australia services the escalting U.S. Af/Pak War in northern Pakistan and southern Afghanistan, a training exercise is taking place in July in central Queensland/Australia between the two militaries.

      Australia has a long history servicing U.S. aggression in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. The Catholic Worker has a long history in nonviolently resisting such wars and preparations for war. Catholic Workers are heading to the Talisman Sabre exercises to 'fight fire with water' and nonviolently bring and end to Talsiman Sabre and the Af/Pak War.

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